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Xscapers Annual Bash 2020

We attended our first Xscapers event this year. Xscapers is part of Escapees. Xscapers is focused on working age RVers and there needs. This was the fifth annual event. This organization was born out of the need for services specifically targeting working age RVers. Many work remotely; have children or work seasonally. We have different needs than a typical retired couple.

Overlooking Bash from a top of a mountain

From the moment we drove up we knew this was not your grandmother’s RV rally. From the welcome to the parking to registration. All was fairly easy and straight forward. There were themed parties from 80s prom, tiki and neon night. There was a Bloody Mary bar, Margarita throwdown, Mac and Cheese Fest and more. Lest you think there was only parties there was an educational component during the afternoons to help you think about solar, RV gadgets, domicile, awning installation and more.

We really enjoyed our time at Bash. We were able to strengthen some relationships we formed previously. Meet new folks while learning and partying together. As extreme introverts, Donna and I jumped into and out of events with ease. There is no pressure to participate in everything. We found joy in participating in smaller gatherings as well as the big parties. We had the most fun with Lot Crawl. Each parking area was assigned a part of a meal to make. We were in Upper General so our area was appetizers. Other lots had cocktails, desserts and finger foods. I really enjoyed getting so see folks creativity in food and how they set up their rig. The guy with his hot tub was one of my favorites. He ran that whole set up on solar as well. It was sweet.

Donna got to walk and I got to hike each day. Enjoy the views morning and evenings hikes.

We also spent some time in Lake Havasu City, AZ. This town does not have a down season. The snow birds come in the winter and during the summer there are all types of water sports. One of its attractions in the London Bridge. There are nice walking trails with lots of shopping and restaurants to enjoy.

I also turned 50 during this event. I wore my tiara proudly all day.

This was going to be a video but both of our voices is still too gravelly from being sick. There is a piece of video that we started before we both got sick. Enjoy this snippet and the pictures. We had a great time. So much so that we have signed up for another event in April.


Maintenance Moment – Slides

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Every two months I complete slide maintenance. I complete this task on this timeline because it allows for several types of temperatures and other types of weather events. Temperature and sun do the most damage. This could lead to drying out the seals along the sides, bottom and top of the slide. These seals keep water, dust, snow and some creatures out of your coach when the slide is in or out. I also make sure to apply some to the rollers under the slide to keep them lubricated as well. This helps keep the movement smooth when putting the slide in and out. In the video you will see just a snippet of how I apply the lubricate. It is a quick process. I really like this product. It is the only product we have used since we bought our RV. Remember, if you get another brand get one that is silicone based. This keeps dust and dirt from sticking to what you are using it on.

If you have questions please put them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you. Have a safe and productive day!