We are on the move, back to Yellowstone

We are excited to be on our way back to Yellowstone. Thus far our trip has been exciting. The trip did not start off as planned. Our first stop was Seminole Canyon State Park which is located a few hours from our home base in Hondo, TX. We decided to stop here so that we could spend a few days off the grid and decompress before heading to New Mexico. Our drive was uneventful (which is good) but while setting up our drivers side slide I heard a loud noise and the slide refused to move. Donna was yelling from outside. I was able to bring the slide half way in. We could tell that one side of the slide topper was bent. We got out the ladder and up I went to see if I could fix it. I realized that there was nothing that I could do. Donna then decided to go to the Welcome Center to see if she could use their phone to call for a mobile RV tech. She could not get a hold of any of the techs via phone. We then decide to drive back toward Del Rio so that we could use our cell phone. At this point I am regretting my off the grid, no cell phone coverage peace in the desert. We finally get a hold of a RV tech. Del Tex RV & Auto Repair stated they could come out the next morning. We had a two night reservation so that worked for us. They come out and take off the topper. Now we extend the entire slide. They went off to research how long it would take to get a new topper. We still had another day at this location so we decided to enjoy the park. We hiked part of the rim trial. During this time we could get a text through. We decided to move closer to Del Rio where we could get coverage. Thanks to the staff at Southwinds Marina (part of Lackland Air Force Base) we got a spot that we could stay in until April 26. This gave us the opportunity to plan.

Seminole Canyon State Park – Rim Trail Hike

Del Tex was doing their research but we also started researching what we could do to expedite this repair. We have Carefree Slide Toppers. The company is based in Colorado. That is when a light bulb went off over our heads. We were going to Colorado after New Mexico to visit my sister. Transwest Truck Trailer RV in Fountain, CO is an authorized Winnebago service center. We spoke with Patrick in parts. He was able to get our parts ordered and we worked with the service department to get an appointment.

On Left – what slide should look like On Right – Slide without the topper

No matter where we were it was going to take 10 days for the parts to be delivered. It was better for us to be in the place where we wanted to be. My sister lives in this town so we got to spend extra time with her. We knew we would feel more comfortable getting closer to our job then sitting around in Texas so we paid Del Tex bill and beat feet for Colorado. This means we cut out visiting Carlsbad Caverns. We went up straight through the panhandle of Texas.

Big Spring Texas – State and City Park

It seemed like forever but after 769.2 miles we made it to New Mexico. That’s when altitude sickness hit us both. We spent one night in Raton, NM. We were both so nauseous that we switched driving 3 times for the 142 miles it took to get to Fountain, CO. We stayed at a KOA which was less than 3 miles to where the RV was going to be serviced and about 5 miles from my sisters house. We also were near Fort Carson which has my favorite commissary in Colorado.

Our original plan was to stay at the Air Force Academy Famcamp (Peregrine Pines). We kept that reservation. Luckily, we got our appointment at Transwest on the day we left KOA to move to Peregrine Pines. My sister let me bring my cat to her house while Donna stayed with the RV. A few hours later we are as good as new and were able to check in to our spot at Peregrine Pines. We are having a great time in the area. We have had all types of weather – one day shorts, next cloudy, next day snow, then warm weather and cold nights. You never know that the day will bring.

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