JoDo Chasing Rainbows

Barstow, CA and surrounding area

We had quite the adventure around the greater Barstow, CA area.  We visited the Harvey House.  Harvey House were hospitality centers that hired single women from around 16 to 31 to be servers in the dining rooms.  This Harvey House used to have a 2-lane bowling alley upstairs from the dining room.  I have always wanted to see a Harvey House since I saw the Judy Garland and Angela Lansbury in the movie Harvey Girls.  It is a 1940s classic movie.

Attached to this same area is a train museum.  We did not go inside the museum but we did walk around the trains outside.

We also driven a highway milestone.  We drove on the very beginning of I-40.  Donna and I have now driven all but a few hundred miles of this highway.  We have driven all of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee and just a piece in North Carolina. We hope to be able to finish off those few hundred miles in North Carolina next time we are on the east coast.

Last place we visited was Peggy Sue’s 50s Diner.  We choose not to eat there since I had already packed a picnic lunch.  The diner places all 50s music.  Folks we talked to stated the food was good.  In back there are dinosaurs and water features.  You can park you RV there overnight.  It is right off I-15. 

Have you been to this area?  What did you think?


Elmer Long’s Bottle Tree Ranch

I am complete sucker for a roadside attraction. When I saw that we were within 40 miles of this ranch, I packed us a picnic lunch and off we went. This ranch is on historic Route 66 in Oro Grande, CA. Mr. Long inherited bottles that he and his father collected during their life. He came up with this display in early 2000 according to Atlas Obscura. Unfortunately, Mr. Long died in June of 2019. For now this place is open for all to enjoy. Please note there is a donation box in the middle of this wonderful free display.

Do you have a favorite roadside attraction? What is it?