JoDo Chasing Rainbows

Getting used to working/visiting Fort Trumbull

We started working in May. This job is much more physical because we work closer to 32 hours per week. Some days we strip and reset 9 units along with completely turning over 6 units. I do believe that I am becoming more buff with this job. Carrying laundry and turnover packs into units has improved both our fitness. It did take a few weeks to get used to increased activity. We slept a lot when not working.

We did finally get out and start being a tourist. I grew up in this area. There are many places and venues that I took for granted because I had access to them. We are having a blast being a tourist all the time. We have discovered some walking paths that are close the our campground. It does seem weird not being in Yellowstone. The weather has been so warm or rainy that we have not done many hikes. Also, we walk about 7 miles in a day when we work so the last thing I want to do is do a 10 mile hike.

Thus far we have been to Fort Trumbull State Park in New London. It was one of our sunny days off although it was very windy. When I was a kid we could not access this area because it was part of the Underwater Naval Warfare Center. This facility closed in the 90s. Many of the buildings were removed so that the Revolutionary fort is left along with buildings the early Coast Guard Academy used. There is a museum that gives the history of the fort. There are many beautiful views from this area. It is a great day trip where you can bring your lunch and watch the boats and ferries move up and down the Thames River.

On the road again…

We finished our job in Mission, TX in mid-April. We then started our trip to Connecticut. The trip started off fairly uneventful. This was the first time we towed the Equinox with the new RV. What I really enjoy about our new RV is that you don’t feel like you are pulling unless you are going up a hill. We continue to follow our driving rules of 200 miles per day or 4 hours, whichever is sooner and no driving on Saturday or Sundays. We decided to take a more northern route instead of I-10 to keep ahead of the storms that seemed to hit in the Southeast every few days. Stayed in Texas driving up to Shreveport to take I-20. Donna will tell you that I like I-20 because we need to drive through Vicksburg, MS. Vicksburg has one of my favorite farm stand/cafe combos. The Tomato Place has the best tomato sandwiches and bread pudding that I have ever had. I find any excuse to take a road trip through this town just to eat.

We had our first issue when we tried to leave Tuscaloosa, AL. We hooked up the car to the RV. We went to test the lights on the car and nothing worked. We checked the blue cord. Still no lights. When you live in a RV you know to keep extras because certain items will break. The blue cord that attaches the RV to the car which controls lights, car break monitor and trickle charge for car battery. It’s important and has failed before. We kept an extra in reserve. We put on the new blue cord; no joy. Now it is getting close to check out time. I call over to the office and let them know we are having an issue and asked if they had any RV techs they could recommend. We called the place he recommended and found that they had 24 RVs in their lot so they could not help us. We called AMU Services next. They could not get to us but stated if we could come to them they would take a look and see if they could get us on the road. Luckily, they were not far. They were able to quickly diagnose that we had a blown fuse. However, finding the fuse took a little bit of time. What I liked about this place is that they wanted to let us know what they were doing so that we can fix it if this happens again. The fuse box is under the steering wheel.

It was fuse number 22. It is now marked so that if this happens again we can just replace the 20 amp fuse. We also bought a set of lights just in case the fuse goes out during a trip. This way the car will have lights and I can fix the fuse after we get off the road. I cannot recommend AMU Services enough. It was a good price and a quick fix. If you ever find yourself in Tuscaloosa and need a RV, give them a call.

So far we were able to stay one day ahead of all the storms. We made it to Tennessee when our luck ran out. It was the weekend so I made a reservation for the weekend. We were above the worst of the storms. We got rain and a little wind. We were making good time to Connecticut so we decided to take a longer pit stop in Winchester, VA. Donna has a good friend who is moving to Chicago soon so we spent an afternoon at an outdoor restaurant catching up with her. I was also able to get my 2nd COVID shot during this time.

We had one more stop before we hit our final destination in Connecticut. The entire trip took 2 1/2 weeks. We are settling in before we start our new job.