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Category: RV life

Truck trouble?

We had a fairly uneventful trip from Connecticut until we reached Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  We were gassing up at a Pilot gas station when I looked under the truck and  saw a massive amount of liquid coming out from under the…

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54th Regiment

Boston has been on my to see list since I saw the movie “Glory”. They mention the Col Shaw statue at the end but to me as an African American it has always been about the  54th Regiment of black…

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Salem, MA

I wanted to go to Massachusetts for 2 reasons, one was to better understand the Witch Hunts of Salem and second, to see Boston. Let’s start with the Salem Witches. First none of the people I will mention were witches….

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Zombie Mosquitoes of Connecticut?

It’s summer. We live in a campground surrounded by grass. I expect to be bite by mosquitoes. I stay prepared except for last Wednesday. I was visiting a friend. We sat on her back deck with no protection. I felt…

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