Can we find a walking trail?

We spent the night in Cottondale, Alabama. I went searching for a walking trail this morning. We were directed to a park about a mile from our RV spot. There were lots of sport fields but no walking trail.

We decided to go a few more miles to the University of Alabama Aboritium. We drove out to find the road to the entrance closed. But what we found was so much better. The VA Hospital is right next door. They have the most amazing walking trail.

This hospital was constructed in the 1930s. New construction is built in the old style. The original hospital was built like an army fort. Not only did we get a walk in but we did it at a beautiful location.

Lesson learned: I need to keep my ID on me. We could have used the gym at the VA. I just got my ID last week. I go onto Edonna’s insurance on July 1. I forget to look for military or VA places that we can use.

Entrance to hospital

Information about hospital

Solar farm. You know this excited Edonna.

Crepe Myrtles line the entrance.

Solar farm

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