Kisatchie National Forest

This is the most peaceful place.  Plenty of wildlife.  Shaded campsites. Considerate campers.  This is a magical place that everyone should visit.  Most of the sites are fairly level.  We don’t have automatic levers which would have made more sites available to us if we did.  Loop B has more spaces than loop A.  The only small disappointment is that the cloud cover did not dissipate so that I could see stars.  I woke about about 3 am in the morning to check again but the clouds were still in place.  I did have a moment with a deer though.  I was looking up at the sky as a deer came out of the woods. I watched it and it watched me.  It calmly walked through our camp site and moved slowly back into the woods.  I hope we get to visit this place again.


4 Comments on “Kisatchie National Forest

    • Hi Jetta and Vanessa, this is in Louisana between Leesville and Alexandria. It is off LA28 West. This is the only national forest in Louisana. There are many different camping areas in this area.

      • Beautiful! Also fascinating that Louisiana doesn’t have more national forests, but glad you two got to explore the area.

      • We are always on the hunt for national forest now because of there beauty and stillness.

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