On the road again…

We decided to get moving faster.  Our reservation in Mystic, CT is for July 19.  Edonna stated she would feel better if we made it to Pennsylvania. So no more two days in one place.  One night and then off we go.  We blew through the rest of Tennessee then Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland to Pennsylvania in three days.  While it is easier to move through states once you hit the northeast, it is hard driving.  There are lots of mountains to drive and roads with poor conditions.

We decided to stay in the Pocono Mountains for two days.  We did this because we were so tired due to the poor road conditions.  Even the cat got car sick.  This has never happened to her before.  To avoid driving through NYC, we drove 81N to 380N to 84E.  Many RVers complain about driving in the northeast.  We completely understand this now.  At least the scenery is beautiful.

In our quest to get moving we ended up in Connecticut three days early.  We decided to stay in the northwest hills before moving to the coast.  Pictures will be be coming soon.

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