Bluff Point State Park

When we decided to retire early, we did it because we knew we wanted to live a different kind of life. One of less stress and more activities. We spend a lot of time in free parks. Connecticut has numerous state parks where there are no entrance fees. Others, like Gillette Castle, have a small entrance fee to the Castle itself but not view the grounds, hiking trails or picnic areas. We will be visiting Gillette Castle soon.

We stay in the low cost parks because we are trying to experience more and spend less. Spending a morning on a hiking trail is a great way to start the day. I had not visited this park since I was a young girl. The trails were better marked and larger than I remembered. There is also very large mosquito population. We did not have enough bug spray and we were both eaten a live. We did not realize how bad it was until we were back at the motorhome.

Even with the invasion of the mosquito, it is a lovely walk down to the beach and tidal pools.

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