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Monthly Archives: July 2018

On the road again…

We decided to get moving faster.  Our reservation in Mystic, CT is for July 19.  Edonna stated she would feel better if we made it to Pennsylvania. So no more two days in one place.  One night and then off…

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Biodiversity of Benton Falls

The area around Benton Falls was lush with plants and animals. We saw ferns, cattails, waterlilies and pine trees. A snake crossed our path, there were turtles and several types of birds. If you are in the area or just…

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Benton Falls

We are staying in a campground in the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee. I did not look at the elevation when I chose this location. I did not realize we were going to traverse a mountain. The beauty is beyond…

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Moundville, AL

Indigenous community from the Mississippian period. Such a wonder. Enjoy.

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