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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Yellowstone – the first few weeks

I cannot believe that we are finally here. While the most of the U.S. is enjoying spring, we are still in the winter. There is snow everywhere. The temperatures are challenging for our RV. We have figured how to keep…

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Southern Wyoming

Going North has been quite an adventure. We have been told that there is only two seasons in northern Colorado and Wyoming – winter and summer. Spring and Fall are when winter and summer fight to see which will dominate…

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Great Sand Dunes National Park

While we were at Pueblo we were close to Great Sand Dunes. Our current travel goal is to visit all 61 National Parks. We are about half way through the list. We took off to Great Sand Dunes. I was…

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Pueblo, CO

We continue our trek north. We stopped for an over night in Santa Rosa, NM and Springer, NM. We saw the gas station in those towns and that is it. Pueblo, CO was the next stop where we would spend…

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