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We are in Kentucky to work at Amazon.  We are part of their seasonal workforce.  Amazon recruits folks who live in their RV full-time to be part of their seasonal workforce.  We were assigned to Shepherdsville, KY.  Our campsite is in Bardstown, KY.  I love the little town where our campground is located.  It is the bourbon capital of the state (that is for another post).

We are assigned to the mid-day shift – 12:15 pm until 10:45 pm.  Our scheduled work days were Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Our mandatory OT day was Wednesday.  We also would have weekends off until we picked up a voluntary shift.  This was ideal for me because I could naturally wake up without an alarm.  We were both assigned to the picking team.

Picking is finding the item, scanning and putting on conveyor belt so that the could be packed for shipping. Not a hard job.  I found it to be a perfect job for an introvert.  I knew exactly how many shoes I needed to pick per day and no one is looking over your shoulder telling you how to do it.  I found the perfect playlist and would go to work.

The work is not mentally hard.  It is hard on your body.  You can walk 8 to 12 miles per day.  I stopped wearing my fitbit  after I walked 14 miles in a day.  It was easier not knowing how many miles I was walking per day.

I don’t have any real complaints about the job.  You are scheduled for 40 hours per week.  If there is mandatory OT then you work 50 hours per week.  We started working mandatory OT after our second week.  My feet did not respond well to this.  What made the job easier was the folks we worked with.  There was a comradery with the other camperforce workers.  We supported each other through the ten hours shifts.  The full time folks were also very helpful.

We worked for a month.  After that, old foot injuries took their toll.  I am finally on the mend after a month of being off my foot.  Donna’s ankle is also on the mend.  This is a great job if your body can handle it.  I think if I was more than three months off a major foot issue that this would have been easier.

Benefits from the job:

  • Free campsite paid two days before and two days after you stop
  • Paid hourly plus OT
  • Bonus if you complete the season

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