Bourbon Tour, Part 2 – Marker’s Mark

I would recommend visiting a few distilleries on the Bourbon Trail. Each place has its own way to presenting the tour. You also why they do what they do. Heaven Hill was a small, intimate tour (8 people total). Maker’s Mark was a who different story. The tours started about every 15 minutes. The groups are large. There were 35 people in our tour group.

Marker’s Mark is made on the Stargill Farms. The property is way out in the county on rolling hills. It was quite beautiful. Marker’s Mark has only a few whiskey’s – Marker’s Mark, Mark 46 and Private Select. They are known for their consistent taste from batch to batch. They are the only distillery that we visited that still rotates it barrels from floor to floor during the aging process.

My favorite pour at Maker’s Mark was the Maker 46.

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