Bourbon Tour, Part 4 – Barton’s 1792

Barton’s 1792 was real close to our campground. We could smell the plant each evening. It smelled like baking bread with peanuts. It is a smell that I now miss. This is very much a working distillery. While Marker’s looked like a pretty farm with a plant on it; Barton’s is very industrial. I felt right at home at this distillery.

They also make just a few types of bourbon. Barton’s has my all-time favorite bourbon – 1792. I put myself out there, tasting about 15 types of bourbon to come to this conclusion. While I have not tried every type of Bourbon, this hands down is my favorite of everything that I have tasted. I am accepting all gifts and contributions to my bourbon fund.

I hope you have enjoyed our tour of bourbon country.  I would like to know what is your favorite bourbon.  I hope you will let me know.

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