Pull over or Zip up Sweatshirt

img_20181016_1433437598631752781147199.jpgOne of the hardest thing to do when moving into your RV full time is downsizing your wardrobe. Now that we are about six months into the process I feel I can write my opinion on our process. I logically knew that there was no way that I was going to keep all the clothes that I had. I didn’t need all my work clothes anymore. I also knew that I had just too many clothes even though I purged my closets twice per year.

The easiest purge was work clothes. I kept three skirts and four blouses with one nice sweater. I kept neutral colors so that I could wear them in any season. That was the easy. On to casual clothes. There will be a common theme. I kept more neutral colors and solids that matched with the majority of the rest of my clothes. I didn’t keep anything to flashy nor did I keep anything that only went with one pair of pants.

Where I started to have trouble is my workout clothes. I am a personal trainer who teaches exercises classes in my spare time. I have lots of workout clothes. I kept my favorites clothes but donated the rest. This was much harder. I spent two months agonizing over leggings and tank tops.

We started in on what jackets to keep. I kept one winter coat, a jacket and a vest. This should be enough since we chase warmer weather. Another simple decision. Guess where we have had clothing heartburn? Me, a pull over sweatshirt. Donna, a zip up sweat shirt.

Since the weather has cooled, I have complained about not having a zip up sweatshirt. I prefer it when I cook and ride my bike. Donna complained about not having a pull over sweatshirt when she is working outside. She likes the middle pocket to hold tools. I gave away all my zip up shirts and she gave away all her pull over shirts. Luckily, we were the same size. We have both be happy as we can be since we switched.

It took us six months to realize that there was one item that we missed. Happily, we had the item so we did not have to spend any money to make our lives easier. Is there any clothing item that you gave up when you started full timing that you now regret?

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