How do we find a campsite?

We have two ways of finding a campsite.  The method depends on whether we are in travel mode or if we plan on staying in a location for a while.  I always make reservations if we plan on staying anywhere longer than a week or if we are planning on staying in a location during its ‘peak’ season.

I belong to a few clubs that give discounts – Escapees, Good Sams and Passport America.  When in travel mode, I normally start looking for a place to stay about two hours into driving.  We drive 200 miles per day or 4 hours, whichever comes first.  I start with the Ultimate Military Campground app to see if there are any FamCamps near our intended route.  If no, I switch RV Parky and look for National Forest, COE or state parks.  If none, I go to Passport America and then Good Sam to see if there are any parks close to the highway with a good rate.

I start reading the reviews on RV Parky and ParkAdvisor as well as goggle the park name.  I want to make sure that the reviews are consistent.  If we are staying the night all that I care about is that the park has level spots and is not a drug haven.

I have taken a screen shot of the apps that I use frequently for traveling.  Waze is my back up GPS.  We have a Garmin RV 660LMT for our primary navigation.  I am kind of old school.  I like using the GPS but checking it against the map before we go.  Life360 is for my family.  This way they know where we are even if we cannot talk due to poor cell reception.  myPilot let’s us know where we can get gas at stations with RV lanes.  That is so helpful because not all gas stations are RV friendly.  I love the myPilot app because you can receive $.05 off per gallon of gas when you link it with your Good Sam membership.  That is super helpful when need to fill up the tank.

I have not received any funds to discuss the above products. These are my own opinions.

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