City of Rocks State Park

We stopped over in Deming, New Mexico on our way to the winter home in Sierra Vista, Arizona. We only had the opportunity to choose one location to visit. City of Rocks State Park was the winner. It was about a 50 minute drive from the RV park where we were staying. It was worth every bit of drive. There were mountains in the distance in every location on the drive. It was fairly flat and straight until we almost got there. We came off a hill and saw the most beautiful rock formations.

I was so impressed with this park. These rocks were formed by a prehistoric volcano. This is what was left after erosion. I hope we can visit this place again soon.

It is a small park. Were stayed about 4 hours. There is a small museum area which will tell you the history of geographical features. There is a small RV park where you have water and electricity. The best feature is that you can

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