Chiricahua National Monument

Beauty. Awe. Wonder. Sensational story Geronimo’s last stand. All of that is encompassed in a visit to Chiricahua National Monument. There are many stories of the people who lived and worked in this area.

The Chiricahua Apache under the leadership of Geronimo held out in these mountains before the surrender in 1886. From this area he could lead attacks on the near by Fort Bowie. After surrender,the Chiricahua Apache were relocated to reservations in New Mexico and Oklahoma. This is the quick and dirty recap. You can read more at the National Park Site.

In 1888 the Erickson’s settled in this area. They built a ranch as the base of the mountains. They wanted to preserve the area. Upon their deaths of their children this ranch became part of the historic district.

The Civil Conservation Corps that was created to give employment during the Great Depression has a large impact on this part. The CCC built the hiking trails in this park. You can still see the results of their work today.

I personally think this park has some of the best rock formations that I have ever seen. The park is off the beaten path. It is about 35 miles southeast of Wilcox, AZ. This area driving to the park is prone to dust storms so be aware. You can also drive to the summit. I drove until the tree line disappeared then Donna took over. She made the descent until the tree line then I could drive again. That is par for the course when we drive up mountains. I am ever grateful for her nerves of steel.

There is a 26 site campground. It accepts RVs up to 29 feet. I would not recommend anything over 20 feet. The park has many low hanging trees. I would not bring my RV to this park due to that fact.

There are many different hiking trails from fully accessible to strenuous. You have plenty of options for everyone to have fun. I really enjoyed this park. It is in my top 10 of favorite places for 2019.

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