Alamogordo and Surrounding area

We stayed at the Holloman AFB FamCamp while visiting this area. It is a functional FamCamp. There are not a lot of amenities. The showers were clean and the picnic table was level. Would definitely stay again due to location of many fun activities to do within a two hour driving range.

There are many historical sites in this area for space travel, missile creation and the testing of the first atomic bomb. The Trinity Site (where the first atomic bomb was tested) is open to the public twice per year. We were within a few day of the spring opening. We needed to be in Colorado Springs by a certain date for an event Donna was expected to attended so we could not stay. The dates to visit the site are April 5, 2019 and October 5, 2019.

While we did not get to go to the Trinity Site, we did get to drive near the Missile Testing Site. You have to be careful driving up and down US 70. It can close for a few hours when testing is taking place. You can see why this location was chosen. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Not a lot of trees. The population was low. Still is quite low.

We were able to visit the International Space Hall of Fame. It is high up in the hills of Alamogordo. Ham, the world’s first astrochimp, is buried at this location. This is a very interesting museum. It has a simulator to learn how to pilot the space shuttle. Neither Donna nor I were any good. We both crashed numerous times. At least she crashed on the runway. I kept crashing in the woods. It also has pads that you can stand on to feel how what it is like to be launched by different types of missiles. There is a hands on area where kids can up close and personal with space suits. The best and most surprising is there extensive Star Trek exhibit. From the outside there is an impressive view of the White Sands National Park. We have been to many space related museums. We are both space junkies. I am so glad that we visited this museum. It should be on any space buff must see list.

I didn’t know a lot about New Mexico especially its agriculture. We kept seeing pecan trees. As former Georgians we know that Georgia produces the most pecans in the US every year. What we learned in New Mexico is usually second when it comes to pecan production. Who knew? This county has many vineyards, pecan and pistachio farms. While we did not have time to add wine tasting to your visit this time, we will next time we are in this area.

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