Yellowstone – the first few weeks

I cannot believe that we are finally here. While the most of the U.S. is enjoying spring, we are still in the winter. There is snow everywhere. The temperatures are challenging for our RV. We have figured how to keep all our systems working properly above the mid-20 degrees. There were a few nights in the teens where we woke up to frozen pipes. Luckily, nothing burst.

It seems that there is no real forecast for the park either. We are on the east side at a fairly high elevation. It seems that the east side is 5 to 8 degrees warmer than our side of the park. I have taken to keeping a sweat shirt, rain jacket and winter coat handy since the weather changes on a dime.

The park has changed so much since we got here on May 1. Baby bison are being born; bears are waking up and roaming and snow is starting to melt. We are watching rivers swell and birds bathing in the melting snow. Every morning I want to pinch myself that this is my home for the next 4 1/2 months.

We have started our job in the campground. We have learned the system and survived our first day. Here are some photos of our first two weeks.

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  1. Nicee. Are you shoveling snow? Hope summer come your way soon. Beautiful pics .

    • Hi Vivian, I did have to shovel snow. Thank goodness we have not had a lot of snow since the middle of June. We are getting our first taste of summer and I am loving it.

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