100 Mile Hiking Club

Employee Recreation does a good job of keeping you healthy during the summer months. I immediately joined the 100 mile hiking club once they opened their doors in mid-May. Donna joined a few weeks later when she found out she could get her 100 miles walking the many boardwalks that are scattered around the park.

I have gotten a couple of hikes completed. I am slowly chipping away at my 100 miles before the summer is done. I want my free t-shirt. I participated on one hike with Employee Recreation. The rest I have done with Donna or with other friends.

Beaver Pond was a fun hike. The first mile was straight up hill. This is the first time hiked with folks half my age. I can tell you it opened my eyes. I could barely keep up with them. Then I later find out that two of them are college athletes. I survived and was humbled. I did conquer my fear of walking over log bridges. This was my first success. Since then I have walked over a few more with no problems.

Trout Lake was an up hill hike where we saw our first snake. It was just a garter snake but still. We spent the winter in Arizona and New Mexico and never saw a snake. When we finally saw the lake we immediately thought of the Sound of Music. It reminded us so much of the opening scene of the movie. I started singing like Julie Andrews.

Clear Lake is a hike I did with Donna. It was a cloudy day where it looked like it was going to threaten to rain. Luckily, it held off until we were done. I will keep you updated on our progress to 100 miles.

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