Going North toward Mammoth Hot Springs

We have been at Yellowstone National Park for over two months. We have barely scratched the surface of this park. It is so big. We finally got to go north towards Mammoth in late June. It was quite cool until the very end of June. It was a sunny day but the wind was whipping so it kept the temperature down. However, everywhere we looked we saw spring making her mark.

We had never driving from the Tower/Roosevelt area to Mammoth so that was the route we took on this day. We kept running into coyotes who were all trying to cross the road. Animals always get the right of way in Yellowstone.

Coyote on the move. A wagon train had started from Roosevelt Corral. We saw a few coyotes move to the other side of the road to get away from the folks on the wagon train.

There are wonderous meadows and mountains that we crossed on our trek north. Undine falls was a great place to stop and watch one of the many waterfalls in the park. The snow melt from the mountains made all the waterfalls look impressive.

We finally make our way to this bridge that I have seen numerous times on TV and from afar when we have traveled from Mammoth to Norris. The north side of the park is full of elk and bison. We saw this little tiny, colorful bird. It was funny because we were watching this bird while there was a crowd around us who choose to watch the elk.

Mammoth Hot Springs is right inside the north entrance to the park so it is very busy and full of people. There are a lot of folks who only see this one part of the park because they have only one day to come to Yellowstone. The visitor center is a place where you can access free wifi. It can be hard to navigate and visit this center because there are lots of folks standing around trying to use their phone. Tip: you can access the wifi from the Visitor Center porch. There are places to sit and you have a very nice view. Use your phone there instead of inside of the Visitor Center.

These hot springs look other worldly. When you get close it looks like what I imagine parts of Mars looks like. Springs can dry up or change at any time. This place looks very different from when I visited a few years ago.

There are also many hiking trails in this area. This is not a bad place to visit if you only have one day to come to the park.

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