Grapevine Canyon

A few weeks ago, when we were still in Laughlin, NV, we visited the Grapevine Canyon Petroglyhs. The area is about 30 minutes outside of Laughlin. You drive down an undeveloped road until you get to the parking lot. After that you need to walk to the entrance of the canyon. It is not a hard walk but you are walking through a wash. It is like walking on a rocky beach. I think this would probably be a challenge for a person with mobility issues.

We could start to see glyphs as we got closer to the the canyon entrance. There were 100s from the bottom to top of the rocks. As we proceeded to enter the canyon the wind died down. It was very calm and tranquil. I could see why this place is sacred to the Mojave. It seemed everywhere you looked there were glyphs.

There is a nice surprise if you keep walking. There is a spring that feeds the shrubs. In this area the petroglyphs are high on the rocks.

There are so many places to see petroglyphs in Southern Nevada. What is your favorite place to see petroglyphs?

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