It’s been a while…

I did not set out to be away from our travel blog so long. I started off fairly positive about the shutdown. I was cooking up a storm, exercising and creating new projects. I hit a wall about three weeks in. I was still exercising but I lost any interest in anything else. I developed anxiety that made it very difficult to concentrate. I still have anxiety but it is no where near where it was during the height of this pandemic.

We have been safe. We continue to shelter in place at Desert Eagle RV Park which is on Nellis Air Force Base. This is probably the best place to get stuck. We got here on March 3. We were initially scheduled to stay through April 1. Luckily, they allowed everyone who was here to continue to stay as long as we paid. We will leave on June 1. It’s starting to get very hot so we will be glad to go.

We are heading back to Yellowstone for the summer. Our start date has been pushed back to June 11. Once we leave Las Vegas we plan to park in a place with elevation for a few days before we enter Yellowstone so that we can used to living at high elevation again. We have been at about 2,100 feet all winter. The campground where we work is a little over 7,700 feet.

I am committed to putting out blog posts once per week until we leave Yellowstone in September 2020. I have a few posts of places we visited right before the lock down. I am glad to be back. Hope you are all safe.

One fun fact during quarantine. I walked through a pair of sneakers. I bought these sneakers the second week of February. I took this picture on May 21. I need to buy another pair before we leave since these are done.

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts and have missed them. Glad to read that you are doing better. Take care and stay safe.

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