Valley of the Fire State Park

We visited Nevada’s first state park in early March 2020. This is a very beautiful park. I was struck by the beauty of the rocks. There are so many colors. Let’s dive in. We came into the park via I-15. It is a good ride off the highway. You are not lost. Keep going, it is worth it.

The first place in the park where we stopped was the beehive area. The erosion of those rocks make them look like beehives. It was amazingly beautiful (let’s see how many ways I can say this during this blog).

We hiked in the White Dome area. This is not a long hike but you get to see rainbow rocks, go through a slotted canyon and climb on some rocks. It was so much fun.

Capping off driving down the road to White Dome was a gathering of big horn sheep that crossed the road in front of us. It was amazing.

If you are visiting Las Vegas, this is about a 2 hour drive from the strip. This place is so awe inspiring that I would definitely make the drive. This park also has petroglyphs. There are petrified logs. This parks has everything that is a must see in the Southwest. We did not stop to see those because we just did that a few times weeks before. There are plenty of hiking spots. The Visitor Center is in the middle of the park. This is a place we will return.

Have you been? What is your favorite part?

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