JoDo versus T.S. Beta

It was supposed to be an easy 39 miles. The storm was projected not to be as bad on the west side of I35. It should have been a quick drive in the rain. We decided that I would chase her to Canyon Lake due to not wanting to hook up in the rain. It started off great. We pulled out of the campground parking lot driving south on 281. Donna calls me about 5 minutes later stating the windshield wiper on the drivers side had come off. Please come back to help her get in back on. It took me a while to get back because I needed to find a turn around on the divided highway. I get back and quickly put the windshield wiper back in place.

It starts to rain harder. Another 10 minutes go by and I see Donna pulling over again. I park behind her and run up. The windshield wiper has come off again. I try to put in back on but I see the problem. A piece of the plastic has broken off so it will not hold. I knew that I was going to MacGyver the shit out of this. Donna says get the gorilla tape that is in the basement. I ask her to get me some scissors. I put tape around the broken part first. I realize that this will not hold the wiper in place properly. I get another long piece of tape and put in further down the wiper so that it cannot slip off the rod. Doing this takes a piece of the wiper off the window; however the part Donna needs to see cleans off so we keep going.

I guess we really could have gone back to town and bought a new wiper but we only had 39 miles to go. Why turn this into a longer trip? By now the rain starts to let up. It really has not been that bad. The rain comes in bands so there are times when it is just a mist.

We are not 12 miles from our destination. I really thought Donna was going to miss the turn. Sometimes she is not so good in paying attention to the GPS. It was ONE turn to our destination. She gets in the correct lane after some prompting from me in the back (horn and blickers). She stated she did not hear the horn. She also states she was dealing with the cat. That cat was in her carrier. What could she need? This is when Donna decides to stop and gas up the RV. We will be sitting the next three weeks. When we leave Canyon Lake we will be heading for Mission, TX. We will be on I35 south. This is not a place where we want to get off and get gas. So we stop for gas. The moment we get out of the car the heavens open up and it starts to pour. Luckily, I had on rain boots. The rest of me is soaking wet down to my drawers but my feet are dry!

We make it to our destination. This year they meet you at the RV instead of having to go inside to register. We pull up to the spot and the passenger windshield wiper falls off. At least this one fell off as we were getting ready to park. As I am helping Donna back up the sun starts to come out.

The kicker is that I bought these stupid wipers while we were in Vegas in late April 2020. They are practically new. I will be new wipers before we leave.

Notice two areas where tape was added to hold this stupid wiper.

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