Started a new job

We have not worked back to back jobs since we started full time RVing. We choose to find a part time job this winter so that we could stay in one spot just in case there is a surge in COVID cases. We choose a work camping job in Mission, TX. We had about 5 weeks from the moment we left Yellowstone until we started our new position.

This was a comfortable amount of time to get to Texas and take care of some personal business such as getting our vehicles inspected and take care of dental appointments. We choose a job in Texas because we wanted to be close to our doctors. It is still very warm down here. The temperatures have been in the middle 90s each day except for two days. The average temperature in the winter is around 70 degrees. I know it will cool down soon. I am loving the humidity though. My naturally curly hair stays wonderfully curly in humid air.

We have not had much time to get the lay of the land yet. I can say there are butterflies and bird everywhere. We have been informed that the butterfly migration has yet to start. I can only hope that I can capture a few good pictures when this happens. We have found a hike/bike trail not far from our RV park. I can see that I will be spending time hiking and biking on this trail.

Back to the job. We are Park Model Cleaners. We clean units getting them ready for Winter Texans. We do this job in exchange for site and full hookups (water, sewer, trash and electricity up to $100 per month). We are enjoying this job. The folks we work with are helpful and nice. More folks are showing up every day. There are agave and grapefruit groves near this RV Park.

I understood that this is a popular place for snowbirds to come but I didn’t know that there are so many resources for Winter Texans to use. There are three popular newsletters to keep you informed on activities around the Rio Grande Valley area. I will place those links to the bottom of this page. I cannot wait to see what this Winter will hold for us.

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