What we have learned about Winnebago

Our first RV was a Coachman. We loved that RV. We would have bought another in their line if they had the floorplan that we wanted. We have heard many good things about Winnebago. We liked the product and they did have the floor plan that we desired. I think we did as much research as we could before buying our new RV. We are pleased with our purchase. We spent a few months on Winnebago user forums and Facebook groups for the specific model that we wanted. Even with that research we have learned a lot in the past 30 days.

Winnebago customer service is excellent. A real person answers the phone. While we bought a used RV the first owner had this RV for 4 months. We are now in the process of doing some of the shake out work. We have been able to fix a few items ourselves. We also had a RV technician fix a few. During our initial call we found out our motorhome is still under the initial warranty. Our Winnebago warranty is good through the end of June 2021. Our tire and chassis are also under warranty. Winnebago sent us their warranty information and told us how to acquire the warranty information for the tires and chassis. The customer service rep made sure we knew about the Owners tab in the Winnebago web page and what was under each tab. We were delighted to find 3D diagrams that show all wires, plumbing and walls for each model by year.

Winnebago has a second owner registration portal. In all our research we had never heard of this. We were told by Winnebago customer service how to sign up for this. It is easy. Under the Owners tab on the Winnebago webpage is a section called Second Owner Registration. This way when you call you don’t have to give your VIN and Winnebago serial number each time. They will have you listed by your RV type. It makes the phone call go much smoother. We were not given this information from the dealer that we bought our RV from.

Moving from a class C to a Class A has been a learning experience. Some of the systems on this RV are more complex. We now have auto leveling. There are two slides that are heavy and much larger than the one small slide that we had before. We have taken our time and read the operating manual so that we feel more confident with these new systems. Donna and I are up to the challenge since we both like to learn new things.

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