We got a spot!

Donna and I have had intellectual conversations about whether or not we should try to buy a deeded lot or a piece of land where we can park our RV if we wanted/needed to stay still for a period of time. Until COVID those conversations were theoretical. We never put any plans into place. It was about one day, maybe when we are older and not want to travel as much.

After we got through the worst of the pandemic, we sat down and had this conversation once again but no longer as a theory. We thought through all the pros/cons about joining a co-op, buying land or any of the other ways full time RV find a permanent spot. We decided that we would like to join one of the co-ops through Escapees since we are already members. We visited the co-ops where we had an interest. We decided to get on the waitlist for the Alamo Area SKP, Lone Star Corral in Hondo, TX. This co-op was our top choice due to its proximity to San Antonio. All our our doctors are in San Antonio. It is also closer to family who also lives in San Antonio.

From the title I guess you have assumed that we got a spot. We did! We were offered a spot today. It was a top choice. We are very excited to start this next chapter of our RVing adventures. We plan to continue to travel, we just now have a home base. I will post pictures once we move to Hondo. (Updated with pictures on 12/17/22.)

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    • We stayed for three months as visitors so we feel we got a good feel of the park. We also found a a few local businesses that are wonderful. We are careful wherever we are though.

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