National Hobo Museum

During our travel in Iowa this past summer I did our normal search of Atlas Obscura to find out what might be of interest in our area. This museum was near the top our our search. We set out one morning to find out all about this museum. The Hobo museum is located in Britt, IA. It is not very convenient to any highway so this is not a place you happen upon by accident. It is not open regular hours so I would call before you go.

I learned that hobo is a term for a person who travel to work. Hobo’s rode (and still ride) the rails. It is a subculture that I found interesting since I also live on the fringes by traveling and living in an RV full-time. There is a code for how they live. They have signs for other hobos to figure out if a community or home is friendly to hobos. I enjoyed the art created by hobos featured in this museum.

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