JoDo Chasing Rainbows

Pushing boundaries

Our daily driving goal is 200 miles or 4 hours, whichever is first. Edonna was feeling good yesterday so she wanted to push on to 250 miles.

We learned 250 miles in one day is too much. Driving a RV is not like driving a car. There is sway from trucks passing you. Plus we are towing a car. It is driving that requires a lot of work and concentration. Your arms and shoulders feel like you worked out after driving.

We then had to set up in the heat of the day. It was exhausting because it was so hot. It takes us about 45 minutes to unhook car and set the RV up for use. We were both soaked in sweat.

Pushing boundaries is a good thing. You learn your limitations. Today we will be driving 200 miles or 4 hours. This was we can enjoy the afternoon and maybe see some of the sites.

Day One on the Road – Leaving Georgia

After two and half months of sitting still we are finally on the move.  We are on the way to Texas for our big move.  The morning started off smoothly.  We got the coach ready to go.  Our cat, Black Lightening decided she was not having it.  She jumped behind the jackknife couch and would not come out.  After that 40-minute adventure getting her out from under that couch and putting her in her carrier we were finally off.

Edonna decided to tow the car out of Atlanta.  We had discussed me chasing her until we got out of Atlanta traffic.  She did a wonderful job.  Lucky for us the traffic was light.  We both relaxed after we got past Douglasville, GA.  We planned that we would not drive more than four hours per day.  This is our life.  We don’t have to move fast.  We want to create experiences and not just drive on the highway.

We drove a little longer today because of the change of time zones.  Edonna was feeling good so we kept going.  We stopped right outside of Tuscaloosa, AL at Sunset RV Park.  We will stay overnight.  This is a cool park.  There is an east and west section.  We are in the west section.  This is a great place for an overnight.  We are on a concrete pad. It was a pull through spot.  Score!  Pull through spots are a way to any RVer’s heart.  The pad was completely level.  I did not have to add any leveling blocks.  This made set up a breeze; which was good because an afternoon summer storm was brewing as we were setting up.

Since we are staying overnight we only hooked up water, electric and cable.  We decided to forgo sewer since we dumped all our tanks this morning.  We will not take on enough water to dump before we leave in the morning.  This park has wifi but we could not access it.  It was spotty at best.  I am not sure how close we are to the router.  I was too tired to figure out where it was.  It is not a deal breaker since we are only staying the night.

There is shopping and restaurants about 3 miles down the road.  I cooked last night so we just needed to reheat for this evening.  I think the best part of living in a RV is that I have all my stuff with me.  I can eat my own food and sleep in my own bed wherever we go.  All in all, today was a success.

Lesson learned today:   There is a button near the cable wire by the TV that needs to be out when accessing cable.  We watched TV over the air when were in Mountain Park.  Not one person has ever told us this in all the tutorials we have had on our coach.  There are many moving parts on a RV. Each day I try to learn and become fully competent on that system.

Can we find a walking trail?

We spent the night in Cottondale, Alabama. I went searching for a walking trail this morning. We were directed to a park about a mile from our RV spot. There were lots of sport fields but no walking trail.

We decided to go a few more miles to the University of Alabama Aboritium. We drove out to find the road to the entrance closed. But what we found was so much better. The VA Hospital is right next door. They have the most amazing walking trail.

This hospital was constructed in the 1930s. New construction is built in the old style. The original hospital was built like an army fort. Not only did we get a walk in but we did it at a beautiful location.

Lesson learned: I need to keep my ID on me. We could have used the gym at the VA. I just got my ID last week. I go onto Edonna’s insurance on July 1. I forget to look for military or VA places that we can use.

Entrance to hospital

Information about hospital

Solar farm. You know this excited Edonna.

Crepe Myrtles line the entrance.

Solar farm

Where did we live after we sold our house?

We moved into our RV on April 13, 2018.  We moved from a 2600 square foot house into less than 300 square feet.  We sold not only our home but all our furniture.  What we could not sell was donated or gave away.  We only kept the basics.  We have a tiny storage unit for items it was hard to part with.  During our short time in the RV we have also donated or sold half the items in the unit.  We have until next April 2019 to decide on the rest of our stuff.

We sold our house but I was not ready to leave my job so we needed to stay in the Atlanta area.  There are not a lot of parks.  We decided to stay at Stone Mountain Heights RV Park in Mountain Park, GA.  This park is right off highway 78 near Stone Mountain Park.  The best thing about this park was that it is across the street from the Xpress Bus stop.  This bus has a stop one block from my old office.  This was a huge selling point since we sold Edonna’s car the week we sold the house.

I really enjoyed this park.  It is a RV park not a resort.  Most of the folks who stayed more than a few days’ work in the area.  We met a traveling nurse, welders and contract workers at Coke.  The laundry room was the social hub for this park.  Wifi works only at the laundry room so folks would bring along work when they did laundry.

We stayed in lot 19 which was across from the laundry room.  In this spot we could access the wifi from our coach.  That was a sweet deal.  I loved how large the park was.  I could safely walk and ride my bike within the park community.  The office staff was so helpful.  They knew we were (still) newbies.  They were helpful in getting our coach level the first time.

Now let me tell you why this park is not, a resort.  This is a place to live and work.  If you are looking for bathrooms, showers, potlucks or fire pit roasting this is not the place.  You will have relative privacy since the lots are not too close together.  The lots are gravel and most have a patio area where you can set up your chairs. If you are looking for a quintessential camping experience than go to Stone Mountain Park RV Park.  If you are looking a quick overnight stay or a long term stay because of working in the area then this is the place I would want to be.

Laundry specifics:  Wash $2 per load; Dryer $.25 for 7 minutes (gas dryers so items dried quickly)

Close eateries: Applebee’s, Krystal’s, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Burger King, Waffle House, Hardees, Marco Pizza, Metro Diner, and a few more…

Sundries: Walmart, Kroger, CVS and Lowesa

Gyms: Planet Fitness and LA Fitness

USPS is less than one mile.  The post office is walkable from the park.