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We are slowly making our way down the east coast visiting friends and family on our way back to Texas. We anticipated getting to Texas in late January/early February 2022. However, my continuing issues with my sinuses have made us change our plans a little. I got bronchitis when we were in Virginia. The cough never got better so when we were in Charleston, SC, in consultation with our insurances nurse line, it was recommended that I go to the emergency room to get checked to make sure I did not have pneumonia. I did not have pneumonia but they found that my sinus issues were causing all the issues. So back on a high dose of steroids’ I went for 5 days. It worked. Since the issues are back, even though I am feeling good right now, we now plan on reaching our destination in Texas by January 7th. I have already gotten an appointment with the specialist that is working with me for January 11th.

We did not want to cut our Georgia stop short since we have so many friends and family in Georgia. We will see them and then beat feet to Texas. We plan on staying in Texas for the foreseeable future. The doctor and I have a plan of action but that treatment may take up to two years. Texas is a big state so we will travel around the state and surrounding states until my treatment is done. Donna and I are so blessed to be full time RVers so that we can fluidly change plans when necessary. We are not frustrated. We just stated we are going through a plot twist and keep on stepping.

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  1. Glad you have a plan of attack and a way to still travel full time while taking care of your health. We’re down in Rockport now, so maybe our paths will cross as you visit around the state.

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