JoDo Chasing Rainbows

Ice Lake Trail

Yellowstone has one mobility accessible back country campsite.  It is at Ice Lake.  From the entrance to this back-country site you can use a wheelchair to get to the site.  This makes this path popular with families with small children because you can also use a stroller.  The campsite and the lake are about .5 mile from the entrance of the trail.  Most folks stop at this point.  We keep going around the lake to the junction to see Little Gibbons Falls.  There is a chain of lakes that you can hike to from this area (Ice, Grebe, Wolf and Cascade) depending on how long of a hike you wish to take.  There are two fords.  Be ready to cross over a lake by a log or cross in the water if you want wet feet.  Once you past the first ford the log pole pines become very dense.  Be on the lookout for animals.  We saw many different types of scat on the trail.  Animals are not dumb; they will also use the path of least resistance.  We were glad not to run into any large animals on the trail.

We would hike this area again.  Next time we will bring more bug spray.  The mosquitoes were very thick.

Norris Geyser Basin 2020

The quest to see Steamboat Geyser go off continues.  This year it has been going off about every five days.  This is the largest geyser in the world.  It is not predictable.  I have never seen it go off.  I probably won’t see it go off this season as well since our contract ends in a few weeks.  None the less, this is one of my favorite areas in the park.  I love how the pools change throughout the season and from year to year.  The walkway is completed in the lower part of the basin, so I was able to walk all the way around the lower pool area.  Wait for the picture of bacteria growing in the water near the grass.  It is truly a spectacular sight.