Why become a nomad?

We love to travel.  Jowanna (I) has visited all 50 states.  Edonna has two more reach all 50 states.  We plan on traveling to those states in the summer of 2018.  The reason for becoming nomads is that we always had the desire to stay in one location longer.  I loved Idaho.  We only spent two days in that state.  I really want to explore more.  It was so beautiful.  Edonna loved Washington state. We spent 5 days exploring the state but we only spent two in the national park.  She wants to explore that area more.

Living in our motorhome will allow us to stay in a location longer.  Our goal is to stay at least three weeks in a location before we move on so that we can experience the local life.  We moved into our motorhome on April 13, 2018.  Our current campground is about three miles from our old house.  We are using this time to learn all of the systems for our motorhome.  More about that soon.

Please enjoy some photos from our previous trips.

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