Living in a RV with a cat

We wanted to live the RV life but worried about our cat, Black Lightening. She was a feral cat that I found in our backyard about 10 years ago. She doesn’t like anyone but me and Edonna. She hates change. I worried for weeks about how she would adapt.

The day we moved in she refused to leave her cat carrier for four hours. I was so stressed. We went to bed that night hoping she would find her way around the coach. Right before I fell asleep, she joined us in bed. The next day found her way to the front windows. She is so much closer to birds and squirrels that she spends the majority of her awake time in a window.

Within a few days we were relieved to find that she loves her windows and that she has not tried even once to run out the door. We are a few days from leaving Georgia. This will be the test to she how she is during the drive. She has adapted so much better than I thought.

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  1. WOW!!!! Good luck ladies and Congratulations on your New Adventures in America… WELCOME!!! I love everything West of I-25 LOL in those Beautiful Rocky Mountain as well. Please be watchful & careful at all times.

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