Cumberland, MD and surrounding area

We did not make reservations for the Labor Day weekend. I called about 20 RV parks and campgrounds trying to find a place to stay. I found a new park in West Virginia just outside of Cumberland, MD. Eagle’s Nest Campground had space. We were so grateful. This park is still under construction but it was a great little spot to stay for Labor Day. There is a restaurant/bar in the campground. There was a band that played on Friday and Saturday night. We both enjoyed the band. They played 70’s to now rock, pop and country music. The round to the campground is curvy so we were glad to stay in at night but have entertainment within walking distance.

We spent time exploring the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (C&O). The visitor center is in Cumberland. We started there first. The Canal was built in the hopes of creating a navigable waterway from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh, PA. Railroad construction started about the same time as the canal being built. This meant this canal was obsolete before it was completed. The canal never made it to Pittsburgh. It stopped in Cumberland, MD.


The towpath runs about 185 miles along the Potomac River. You can hike, bike or walk along the path. We saw many bikers whose goal was to ride all 185 miles over the long weekend. We explored the canal from Cumberland, MD to Paw Paw, WV. This is approximately 25 miles of canal. We did this by car. There are places where you can stop and picnic. There are places to camp.


In Paw Paw there is a famous tunnel that you can walk through. We started walking through the tunnel. It is about a ¼ mile long. You must supply your own flashlights. About half way through my fear of the dark got to me and we turned around. Edonna was no help. She kept stating how long it was going to take. She also wanted to walk slow. That did not help my fear. I got a few great photos though.

George Washington’s headquarters – Cumberland, MD


Fort Ashby, designed and ordered built by George Washington in 1755. It is now a museum. This fort is pre-revolution. This fort was active during the French & Indian War and during the Whiskey Rebellion. This was a real treat for me because I love visiting old forts.  It was a great weekend.  Our journey continues until we get to Kentucky.

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