Truck trouble?

We had a fairly uneventful trip from Connecticut until we reached Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  We were gassing up at a Pilot gas station when I looked under the truck and  saw a massive amount of liquid coming out from under the front left tire.  It look liked our truck had just lost all of its liquids.  I alert Donna but she cannot see it from her vantage point.  We decide to since we are in a huge truck stop area that we need to get this looked at.  We decided we needed to have it looked at because the AC stopped working.  I could tell it was not radiator fluid but could not tell if we had lost our freon.

We found the Triple K Fleet Services in Harrisburg, PA at 717-635-7500.  First, let me tell you about customer service. It was fantastic.  I was told that they could take a look at our truck.  A mechanic came out within 15 minutes of us pulling in.  We understood by location it had to do with the AC.  It seems we might have had a water back up that freed itself at the gas station.  While we are at Triple K the AC started to work and the AC had a normal drip again.

Of course this is the best possible outcome.  The best part there was no charge to look at our RV.  The women at the front desk and the mechanic were fantastic.  There is nothing worse than losing your AC on a hot day.  We have had no problems since.

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