Fort Apache RV Park

We stayed at the Fort Apache RV Park on Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona. We met a couple when were in Little Rock, AR who told us about this park. We were so glad they told us about this park. There are plenty of places to walk around the park with well marked trails. It is close to the commissary and PX. There are two gyms with enough equipment to keep my workouts fresh.

This base has activities on it as well. There are the museums for the Buffalo Soldiers and intelligence. It was interesting to view the history of drones that the Army uses. The movie theater on base shows a diversity of movies so that was a place we liked to go as well. There is also duck pin bowling. We never made it to that activity though.

Excellent staff and warm, friendly camp hosts made this a wonderful winter home. This was taken during one of the two snow events that happened during our stay.

There are many hiking/walking options on base. Don’t miss Garden Canyon. It is past the artillery ranges. It is down a very long road. You will know when you get there. There is a picnic area and hiking trails back there. You can go up the canyon. There are washes that you need to cross so a high clearance vehicle is best. We stopped at the fourth wash because there was just a little too much water to cross for our Chevy Equinox. Keep your eyes peeled. You can see some petroglyphs from the road.

This was a great place to winter in Arizona. It is ideal location since it is not to far to enjoy Tucson, Tombstone, Bisbee and Douglas. Around the surrounding areas there are plenty of places to hike and bike. This campground is open to active duty, retirees, 100% disabled veterans. This has been added to our list of must visit again.

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