Upper Geyser Basin and Old Faithful

We have finally made it to the Old Faithful and Upper Geyser Basin. We have already adjusted out mindset that there is no way to do everything we want to do in one season at Yellowstone. This place is just that big. We hear from visitors all the time that they want to see the entire park in two days. It is not possible. It is possible to drive the upper and lower grand loops in that time but you will be in your car most of that time.

That being said, we made it to the most iconic area of the park. We got to see Old Faithful go off twice. We did not get to see any of the other big geysers go off while we were there. I think this area has some of the most beautiful springs and pools. The colors are so soothing. Don’t be fooled though. They are hot! They can kill you quickly.

We are using the boardwalks to help Donna get to her 100 miles for the 100 mile hiking club. This day we walk 5 miles around these geyser basin.

We also visited the Black Sand Basin which is across the road from the Old Faithful area. We had not been there before. It is gorgeous. We skipped this on our first visit to the park because it was small. I am glad we rectified this mistake.

Last stop on this day was the Firehole Basin. There is a hot lake in this area.

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