Update on 100 mile hiking club

I try to hike at least once per week. I am making progress on my 100 miles. It is hard though because it is not wise to hike alone at Yellowstone. There are only a few places where I can go alone. I have not met that many folks who want to hike as many miles as me. That being said, I am almost half way to 100 miles. By time this posts I should be closer to 90 miles.

Here is a sampling of where I have been since my last post. Slough Creek – 10.2 miles to a back country camp site.

This was a great hike. I signed up for this hike through our recreation department. It was me, Katie and three gentlemen from Lithuania. They were so funny. There humor was so dry that I got a cough by the end of that hike. Great view. Wonderful animal sightings. As with any hike in Yellowstone, it started with a long uphill climb. I am glad that I did not know how long it was uphill because I would have probably skipped the hike.

Natural Bridge – 3.19 miles on mostly flat surfaces

Natural Bridge trail is right next to our campground. We were waiting for a really nice day to due this hike. It was so nice that I think I might do this one every day. There were so many folks on the trail that I could easily do this one alone. We were never out of sight of people.

I know that I will make my 100 miles before September. More to come…

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