RV Maintenance

I have concentrated on all the fun stuff we have being doing for the last four months. Since we live in a rolling home we have to take care to make sure Sweet Georgia Brown will continue to work properly once we start traveling again at the end of September.

We do our best to keep our RV in tip top shape. Here is the list of monthly maintenance

  • Check tires. We keep our tires covered when we sit more than fours in a row. Donna checks the tread and air pressure. We have a RVAIR air compressor so that we can add air whenever is needed.
  • Check the undercarriage to make sure no fluids are leaking.
  • Check the house batteries.
  • Run the generator with a load. Your generator needs to be exercised because it uses the gas from your engine. It will become gummed up if not exercised.
  • Run the RV engine. We added fuel stabilizer back in May since she isn’t being driven. We want to keep everything moving so that we don’t have issues.
  • Check entry points for rodent intrusion. We have lots of chipmunks, squirrels and mice around. We have added steel wool to places we think are possible entry areas into the basement area of the coach. Each month we check those entrances and other places where a rodent might want to take a ride.
  • The slide gets lubed one per month and the slide topper is cleaned of any debris.
  • The awning is opened and closed. This is when we do arm maintenance. It is too windy for us to leave the awning out for long periods of time. Since we have a 19 foot electric arm awning we need to make sure the motor on the awning stays in tip top shape.
  • The basements locks get oiled once per month.
  • Lastly, the outside water filter gets changed every 90 days.

This has been our routine since we got here. We are looking forward to seeing trusted mechanics when we head to Georgia for a visit next month. That’s when we will know if our preventive outside maintenance is working.

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