100 miles finished!!!

I met my goal of 100 miles hiked on August 19. It felt like the last five miles were a struggle. I have finished that goal. My goal for the season is 150 miles. To meet the criteria you cannot count any of the walking you do for work. If that was the case, I would have it this goal by the end of June. Here is a sampling of my last hikes.

Fairy Fall and Imperial Geyser – Donna came with me for my second visit to this beautiful location. Total miles – 8.

Garnett Hill Loop. This is a trail in the Tower area. We got to walk along the river which was nice. This was 8.4 miles of pure beauty.

Clear and Ribbon Lake – I did this hike with our recreation department. I was the only person over 25 on this hike. We walked so fast that I thought I wanted to die. I took only three pictures for fear I would get behind. I love Clear Lake. I though Ribbon might be bigger but it was quite a disappointment. This was another hike where a bison made us go off trail through trees over logs. There are some really cool thermal features on this trail. We did 7.9 miles on this hike.

Biscuit and Mid Geyser Basin – Donna and I got up one morning real early to walk these two boardwalks. Normally it is so crowded we would not even try to get in the parking lot. It was a beautiful day. Enjoy the colored steam off Grand Prismatic. I have also added a picture from the overlook you can compare the two views.

North and South Rim of the Grand Canyon – these are not particularly long trails but they are very hilly. My knees let me know it was time for a break after I finished these two trails.

I am glad that I finished. I have received my certificate of achievement, t-shirt and 100 mile key chain. I get more swag once I hit 500 miles of hiking in the Yellowstone eco-system. It’s always good to have goals…

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