Where to next?

We left Yellowstone on Monday, September 23. Ever since we have been burning up the road to get to Atlanta. Burning up the road in a RV is not so easy. Since we tow our car the top speed we travel is 65 MPH. We have made stops in Thermopolis, WY, Cheyenne , WY and Cody, KS before we were completely exhausted and decided to take a rest in Wichita, KS.

Normally, we would drive either 200 miles or 4 hours which ever came first and two days of driving followed by two nights in one location. I came up with this horrible idea of driving more miles because I wanted to be able to go to church on Sunday. I have come to the realization that there is no way to make it to Atlanta by Saturday night. Once I got that into my head we decided to move slower.

We started to have another issue with our blue coil electrical wire that connects the RV to our tow car. This wire controls the signals and trickle charges the car battery while we tow. Some of the screws can come loose during driving so we can lose the ability to control and turn signal or worse, lose the ability to trickle charge the battery.

Donna found this company called Truck Stuff that could order the wire and have in it by Friday afternoon. They were so awesome. We called on Thursday and by 4 pm on Friday we had the wire. We called a few places and they were only company willing to let us place an order over the phone. Neither of us have been to Wichita before. After taking the chance to sleep in we went down to the river walk area and explore. This city has great signage. All of the tourist area items are within walking distance of each other. Here are some of the pictures of our day in Wichita. Saturday morning we hope to be on the road again…

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