Back in Texas again…

We are in a home state for a while. It seems like we have been on the run since we left Yellowstone. Since we hit the border of Texas we have had our vehicles inspected, voted and picked up our mail. That was the first 24 hours in the state. Once we hit Canyon Lake it has been all about medical appointments. Thus far we both have had our teeth cleaned and mammograms. Donna has moved to the San Antonio VA and I have my first colonoscopy scheduled for the big 5-0 birthday (yeah me).

Living on the road in a RV does mean we need to schedule our medical appointments while we are in town. We have moved all our doctors to San Antonio so that we are closer to family. I also like the vibe of the medical community in San Antonio. I have liked all the new doctors we have met thus far. I did not get the same vibe when we closer to Houston for medical services. I really like that our new dentist is willing to work with us so that we can get care. I carry our dental records with us so that when we get our teeth cleaned in Cody, WY in the spring that dentist has an idea of our current treatment plan. I should have thought of this when we first got on the road. It is all about the learning experience. None of the blogs/vlogs that I read/watch have talked about this before. You all know how I like to be organized so I think going into year two our dental care should be more smooth. One dentist won’t do when you travel as much as we do.

We have had little time to site see. We did get over to Seguin, TX to see the world’s largest pecan. You know I am a sucker for anything that starts with the words ‘WORLDS LARGEST’.

I also got a hair cut. This is my first major chop since I cut my locs off five years ago. I got an asymmetrical bob. I have also decided that trying to color my hair on the road is just too much work. I am going to let my hair go back to its natural color since I have such a hard time finding hair dressers out west.

We have one more piece of news but you will have to wait to next week to hear about that.

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