‘The roof, the roof…’

I alluded to an issue last week. This was a big issue that took up about 10 days of our time while we were at Canyon Lake. We have a tear in the roof. After days of the insurance adjuster and RV repair specialists reviewing the issue it is deemed we needed a new roof. Major repairs can be a real headache for a full timer. Where will we stay? What do we do with the cat?

Luckily, we worked with Texas Country RV in Canyon Lake. They could do this repair in two days. They also have set up so that we could continue to live in the RV while the repair was done. We had water and electric. We kept the cat in her carrier during the day. We did our best to stay out of their way while they did their work. We would go back a lunch time so that cat could get out and stretch her legs and cuddle with us before going back in for the afternoon. Fortunately, the Canyon Lake Public Library is less than a 1/4 of mile from their business. We spent time in the library updating our laptops and working on the blog. This is an active library with lots to do so we were never bored.

I apologize for not having any after pictures. I took some but I cannot find it.

The staff at Texas Country RV were quick, professional and the repair was done right. We were so thankful to them fitting us into their busy schedule. It’s weird but seems like it is quieter in the coach especially when driving. We had an EPDM roof but they replaced it with a TPO roof. We both have become overly zealous in avoiding trees. We certainly don’t want anything touching our roof ever again. We were able to leave for Corpus Christi as we had scheduled.

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