Wounded Warrior Project and Me

Earlier this year I started looking for a veterans program that fit my needs while traveling full-time. I made a few calls and finally heard about programs and activities that I could do while traveling. This lead me to the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP.)  I was able to get help for insomnia.  I was able to choose a psychologist and schedule appointments via the telephone through their mental health programs. Sessions lasted for 12 weeks. I found this program to be a success. I am currently sleeping 8 hrs and have a plan if my insomnia returns.

My second experience was with a three day retreat dealing with physical wellness and nutrition. It was being held in Denver, CO.  We were already in that area because we were in process of traveling to Yellowstone for our summer job.  It was the most information packed retreat that I had ever attended; not to mention that except for travel it was at no cost to me. The hotel, meals and all the equipment we were provided was at WWPs expense. It help me set goals that are attainable, learn how to properly use a TRX training device and provided the attendees with 30 days of follow-up on a bi-weekly basis via the telephone.

My most recent experience was with an online hydration challenge. We were challenged to increase our water intake over a 30 day period. We tracked our intake and had follow-ups with our counselor. I went from 30 ounces to 48 ounces a day. Which was a leap for me.

So as you can see, it is not just for veterans with visible challenges but also for veterans that might need to find and interact with other vets in your geographic area.  WWP has programs to improve health, career transition or help with filing for VA benefits. If you are or someone you know needs services please ask them to speak with a representative or go to the WWP website.

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  1. Donna, could you create a post, sharing what you learned about using TRX bands. Studies are showing three things help us cope with the stress of Covid19, as well as increasing our immune systems. Those three things include meditation (which you can get free at tenpercenthappier.com), yoga and strength training. TRX bands are essentially free weights. It would be greatly appreciated.

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