Port Aransas and Corpus Christi

The beach is the best place to vacation. Port Aransas is a beach town. Like many parks in towns in Texas, you can park for free up to three days on the beach with proper permitting. I had a dream that we would do this. Then I thought better. I had nightmares about sand. In those nightmares, I spent all my time sweeping the floor due to excessive sand.

We camped about 10 miles from Whites Sands National Park and the RV was full of sand for months. I am too OCD to stay on the beach. The folks that were there looked to be having a grand time. I had my fun than drove back to our asphalt parking spot.

There are breakers that you can walk on. We saw dolphins, sea turtles and all types of seabirds on this walk. There was a point where I got stuck. I thought I might fall into one of the gaps in the rocks. I didn’t but that thought had me stuck for about 10 minutes before I could continue to walk.

To get to Aransas Pass you take a short 5 minute ferry ride. We went bird watching. This area is known for boating and kayaking. We watched boats and folks on their kayaks go by as we ate lunch.

The last and most expensive thing we did in this area was visit the Texas State Aquarium. It was worth the price. I would recommend this place. The map for the museum is a little misleading. Don’t forget to get to the second floor to the Caribbean Room. That place is amazing. From there it will drop you into a fish room. We almost missed it because we did the Gulf Shores Room first. There are more than a few shoes. The aquarium is right next to the USS Lexington. If you move really fast you can do it in one day. However, we spent two different days so moved at our own pace. We spent about 45 minutes at the fish wall. Total time at the aquarium was four hours. None of my fish pictures came out well so you got birds.

We had a wonderful vacation but like all good things it has come to an end. We are back on the road moving to our winter destination in Arizona.

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