Thankful for 2019

I am thankful for this journey. We have stretched, learn and grown so much during our travel in 2019.

Things we learned about the RV:

  • We have tank warmers. Who knew?
  • Learned how to add more insulation to the sewer connection area.
  • Low gear is your friend in mountains.
  • Tow Hauler helps on hills.
  • Our furnace is finicky in high altitude.
  • Our tire extenders on the dually’s don’t like the cold. We took them off and got the tires clocked so that we can still check tire pressure and fill when needed.

Things we learned about ourselves:

  • We both rid of half the clothes in our closest. We just did not need that amount of clothes. Clothes were the only thing we departed with. We cleaned out of storage unit and gave away or sold a large chunk of those items.
  • We can deal with the cold with proper attitude.
  • We can live peacefully in a small space.

We are looking forward to continuing our journey in 2020. Donna and I would like to thank you for continuing to be part our journey. Let us know if there is anything you would like us to cover or questions about RV living in general.

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