Maintenance Moments – Insulation

RVs don’t have a lot of insulation. This is not a surprise to anyone who has camped in cold conditions. This year we are being more proactive regarding cold conditions. We bought some reflectix insulation to add to our outer walls of our bedroom. I bought fourteen feet to get our bedroom done. We start by removing clothes from the closest.

After the clothes are removed. Measure twice and cut once. I have command strips already in the closest. I made sure to make cut outs for those hooks. Everything went smoothly. The clothes were back in place before we knew it.

The upper shelves were just as easy. I did not even remove the containers. I was able to measure and slide the reflectix behind the containers.

The entire project took one hour. It only took that long because removing and putting the clothes back. We had a a couple of remnants. I used those in the drawers in the bedroom and in the bathroom under the sink. We want to see how this helps in the bedroom area before we add more to the front cabinets.

We put the reflectix in just in time. We encountered the coldest temperatures the night we finished this project. The low was 33 with the wind chill bringing down to 18 degrees. I can report that adding this insulation helped a lot. We did not get the breeze when we opened the closest. We also did not feel the air moving above our head while laying down. We saw that we had about 2 degree increase in temperature in our bedroom. We were so impressed that we decided to finish insulating the cabinets in the front of the RV.

Do you use reflectix or another insulation in your RV? How did it work out for you?

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