Saguaro National Park – Tucson Mountain Side

During our stay in Tucson we got to visit the west district of Saguaro National Park. Last year you may recall we visited the east district and had a wonderful time. The west district is about one hour away from the east district.

We came through the Tucson Mountain County Park to get to Saguaro NP. I found the west district to be more old west than the east district. To get to the east district navigate through the suburbs to get to the park. In fact, I kept telling Donna that I should be riding a horse name Diamond fitted with three canteens of water, 3 pieces of hardtack and a handful of beef jerky. She rolled her eyes at me and kept driving.

The visitor center is small. That is where you pay for fee. It is the place to use non-vault toilets and fill water bottles. I went through three refills in our time in the park. You don’t want to skimp on water at this park.

There is a loop road that is completely unpaved. Our Chevy Equinox, Shark Fin, had no problem traversing the road. We went slow. This roads adds to the wildness of this part of the park. There are even petroglyphs in this park. My pictures don’t do this art justice.

Have you been to Saguaro? What did you think?

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