Idaho Falls, ID

This is our second time to Idaho Falls. Our first time was in June of 2017. We did not see the falls. In fact, until we returned this time that part of our trip was a blur. We had spent the day in Salt Lake, UT before driving up to Idaho Falls. We got to our hotel only to find out the rooms with thin walls. There was a bus tour staying on our floor. They were loud all night. We got up and asked the people next to us to keep their voices down. They did not. We got absolutely no sleep. We tried to get moved to a different floor but the hotel was full. The next morning we went off to the store to buy groceries because our next stop was the Madison Campground in Yellowstone. We drove off without taking in a view of the falls.

Now that we have the RV this no longer happens. Donna and I laughed as we got off the exit to our campground and saw that noisy hotel. Our campground was less than 1/4 mile from the hotel. We learned we could have walked to the falls. In fact, an entrance to the park near the falls was behind that hotel. We made our way to the falls. In the early 1930s they turned this fall into a hydro electric project which provides electricity for the local area. Spring has sprung here. There are beautiful flowers along the walking trail along the Snake River. I also spied some artistic benches along the river. There are 30. I took pictures of four.

This is the last large town will be encounter before we hit West Yellowstone, MT. We finished grocery shopping for dry goods since this is the last time we will have large grocery stores. We updated all our electronics. We are ready to be a little less connected to the world.

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  1. Nice photos! We are leaving Lava Hot Springs to head towards Idaho Falls today, and then hopefully Yellowstone after that. Maybe we will get to see you! Have a safe journey! 😊

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